For decarbonised society and blue oceans

Nanotechnology Tire Reinforcement Materials


Conventional Tech

Carbon Black

Tires are strengthened with carbon black, a tire reinforcement material.

Tires turn black instead of getting stronger.

0 million Ton

Annual CO2 emissions from carbon black production

0 % of Carbon Black

is used in tires.

Tire dust as a new issue

The environmental impact of Tire and Road Wear Particles (TRWP) is becoming an emerging issue.

0 %


are also reported to originate from tire dust.

0 years later

Tire dust regulations

will begin to be enforced in the EU in an advance stage.


Bio Tire Reinforcements

Our mission is to bring innovation to black petroleum-based tires.

Intentional Impact

If completely replaced, CO2 and microplastic emissions could be reduced by 80% from conventional one.

CO2 emission

Can be reduced by 80%

Microplastic emission

Can be reduced by 80%


Mass production is scheduled to begin in 2025.

Project was launched

September, 2021

Successfully developed original technology

It was adopted as a Japanese national project and succeeded in dispersing nano-scale materials in rubber, which was considered difficult to do.

December, 2022

Good driving test results

We tested the tires on the road with excellent results, with wear resistance and power consumption improving by about 20%.

September, 2023

Public road test starts

The tires will be installed on local government rental bicycles and begin running.

April, 2024

Mass production starts

Full-scale mass production by the top tire manufacturers is scheduled to begin.

January, 2025

Creation of new markets

We will provide tire reinforcements for progressively larger mobility applications, creating a new $40 billion market by 2035.

Our innovation has just begun

The world's most advanced R&D themes are progressing simultaneously.

CNF rubber dispersion masterbatch
Nano miniaturization
Single-nano dispersion technology
Nano Rubber Biodegradation Technology
CNF rubber bio-coloring


We are located in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, home to beautiful Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay.

Here is an advanced nanocellulose technology ecosystem of research institutes, private companies, and public networking organizations.

Our base

Mie Laboratory


Our team consists of experienced professionals in technology development, mass production, sales, and impact management.

M. Suzuki


After working in new business development at a research company, ...

M. Kimura


After serving as senior managing director of an office automation consumables manufacturer, ...

Mobility Decarbonization

The mobility decarbonization revolution is not only about electrification.


Please look forward to another decarbonization by our tire technology.


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