We participated in the presentation of the results of the Shizuoka City Acceleration Program. It was a very meaningful program period for us, as we were able to have dialogues with many businesses in the city.


◆Lipper (Shizuoka Prefecture)

BX White Tire Demonstration Project to protect marine environment


 ◆GooZEN Labs Corporation (Shizuoka, Japan)

 Application for distributing company introduction videos to job hunters and job seekers


◆Geo Mark  (Tokyo, Japan)

Business that combines information dissemination and NFT sales to build a sustainable information dissemination ecosystem by utilizing NFT for digital preservation of memories


Noen  (Fukuoka, Japan)

Agricultural forecasting” realizes true DX for agriculture


Japan Cycle League

New e-sports for children and seniors! Energize the city through virtual cycling!

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We were featured in “STARTUP LOG|News media specialized in the latest information on fundraising”.
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