Lipper Corporation has decided to research and develop BX tires for low-speed mobility to solve the microplastic issue.

Microplastics is a problem in which runoff microplastics impact the marine environment by leaking into the ocean.

It has been pointed out that it has a negative impact on the health and ecosystem of fish and shellfish, as well as on human health when it enters the human body through fish and shellfish.

It has been reported that tire wear accounts for 30% to 80% of microplastics, making it imperative to create environmentally friendly tires.

BX stands for Blue Transformation, a term that refers to structural transformation to protect marine resources and people’s health.

Toward Blue Transformation (BX)

The newly developed tires are for micromobility applications such as e-scooters and electric bicycles, and are designed to reduce microplastics by improving wear resistance and preventing cracking for a longer service life.

Micromobility, also known as low-speed mobility, is expected to become increasingly popular in new urban designs such as compact cities.

Toward a Solution to the Tire Wear Problem​

The implementation procedure is as follows.

The results will be reported through our website, conferences, and exhibitions.

Research and development details:
Trial manufacture of tires for low-speed mobility, testing of physical properties, driving tests, etc.

Research and development period:
August 2023 – March 2024