We paid a courtesy visit to the Mayor of Fuji City.


Three winners of the Shizuoka Prefecture-sponsored startup business plan contest “WAVES” paid a courtesy visit to the Mayor of Fuji City and presented their pitches. All three winners are companies based in Fuji City.

About "WAVES"

CEO Suzuki was selected as a finalist in the Shizuoka Prefecture-sponsored startup business plan contest “WAVES,” aimed at soliciting startup business plans and supporting their implementation and growth to create successful case studies. On March 26th (Tuesday), he won the Grand Prize at the final judging panel.

Awarded the Shizuoka Prefecture-sponsored Startup Business Plan Contest, WAVES!

The courtesy visit to the Mayor of Fuji City

  • Date and Time: Thursday, April 25, Reiwa 6 (from 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM)
  • Location: Fuji City Hall
  • Attendees:
    Mikihisa Suzuki, CEO, LIPPER K.K.
    Kazuaki Toyosawa, CEO, TOYOKOH Inc.
    Kaoru Hirabayashi, CEO, Strout Inc.
    Startup Weekend FUJI Organizer


On April 25th, three awardees from Waves, a Shizuoka Prefecture initiative, who achieved top positions, paid a courtesy visit to Mayor Konagai of Fuji City. The three winners presented their reports.

 Suzuki, CEO, added to his presentation the aspiration to expand business under the “Made in Fuji” banner and reported on the goal of delivering clean air and seas from Fuji City to the world through our product, the white tire.

Mayor Konagai commented, “Your product, made from CNF, a material Fuji City looks forward to, gives me confidence and excitement about its potential to change the world.” Furthermore, he inquired about business models, future developments, patents, and other related matters.

Lastly, the organizers provided publicity about the upcoming Second Edition of Startup Weekend Fuji, which Mr. Suzuki coaches.

 [Second Edition] Startup Weekend Fuji

Originally scheduled for 30 minutes, the meeting extended to nearly an hour, indicating significant interest from the city. It was a valuable and productive time. 

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