Started a fact-finding survey on the wear of tires for agricultural machinery!


Lipper K.K. , in cooperation with the Agri Open Innovation Organization, is launching a survey on tire dust from agricultural machinery.

In recent years, research on the environmental impact of tire dust has progressed, and regulations have been decided in the EU for passenger cars, trucks, and other vehicles. However, tire dust from agricultural machinery such as tractors has not been the focus of much attention, and there have been no major surveys or reports on the subject, including from around the world. Since the structure of agricultural machinery tires differs greatly from that of passenger car tires, and the way in which they wear is also thought to differ, we felt that a survey specific to agricultural machinery was necessary.

In light of this situation, we decided to conduct a primary survey to determine the actual condition of tire wear on agricultural machinery with the cooperation of the AOI Organization, which promotes new open innovation in the agricultural sector.

Survey Summary

  • Description: Survey on the use of agricultural machinery tires
  • Method: Interviews and questionnaire survey
  • Period: June 2024 – March 2025

The results of the survey will be updated on our website as needed.


We have been developing a tire reinforcement material derived from natural materials using cellulose nanofiber (CNF), and are currently in the process of conducting a demonstration experiment using a shared bicycle in Shizuoka City.
As part of this effort, we will conduct a survey on the use of tires for agricultural machinery in collaboration with the AOI Organization.

About the "AOI Project"

The AOI Project, promoted by the Agri Open Innovation Institute, is a project to promote the development of innovative cultivation technologies through the use of cutting-edge science and technology, to dramatically improve agricultural productivity, and to promote business development in related industries centered on agriculture with the participation of industry, academia, government, and academia. AOI” is an acronym for ‘A(Α)grio(O)openi(Ι)novation’.

AOI Forum, a member organization of universities, research institutes, producers and private businesses in and outside of the prefecture, has been established with the support of the AOI Project. We aim to nurture new industries and create new value based on cutting-edge technologies.